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Nduna Zimbabwe Trust

VIRL Social Foundation t/a Nduna Zimbabwe Trust is a non-profit organisation which was registered on 29 December 2014 and commenced operations under one of the programmes, Nduna Girls, in January 2015. In pursuit of SDG agenda in education and job creation, the Trust raises funds and supports initiatives which promote better livelihoods and enhance dignity and quality of life, sustainably, for marginalised and disadvantaged persons and communities. The Trust targets women and youth, to facilitate their inclusion and access to the mainstream economy. The three programme areas are:

  1. Ideas and Enterprise.
  2. Skills Development and Nduna Girls.
  3. The Environment and Renewable Energy.

Nduna Zimbabwe Trust Programmes

Enterprise Development

Access to finance, Project incubation and Agriculture value chain development

Education and Capacity Building and Research

Nduna Girls (education grants), Women2Women Girl2Girls (discussion platforms), Training and coaching Research.


Micro energy solutions, Micro waste solutions, Green jobs and Green micro enterprises



To provide sustainable solutions that strengthen marginalised communities.


To undertake integrated programming that improves the lives of targeted populations.

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  • Connection
  • Collaboration

Get Involved

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