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Nduna Zimbabwe Trust

About Us

Nduna Zimbabwe Trust’s mandate is to support initiatives that promote better livelihoods, and enhance dignity and quality of life for marginalised and disadvantaged persons and communities on a not-for-profit basis, with a bias towards women and youth.

Nduna Zimbabwe Trust is the legal identity of the organisation that aspires to make a meaningful difference in the lives of girls and women in Zimbabwe. It has three strategic objectives: (i) Access to Information and knowledge, (ii) Access to education, skills and qualifications and (ii) Promote financial, asset growth and economic independence so that girls and women are included and can participate in all aspects of life. Although this does not restrict it from supporting boys in programme implementation where gender equality concerns are in favour of boys participation and engagement.

The logo can be explained in many ways and suggests many stories, such as :

  • The colours, deep brown and green horizontal open strikes each represent a hand or fingers extended in greeting or welcome, in an act of intentionally seeking the other.
  • Together the two hands interlock, thus depicting movement towards each other, connectedness communication, willingness to interlock, a synchronicity of thought and ideas, harmony, a dance.
  • The chevron pattern is rendered in the horizontal mode representing African fertility, unity and coordination.
  • The logo symbolises growth, life, with vertical and horizontal as well as rotating movement, being possible and all representing different possibilities and perspectives.
  • The logo can also be overlaid, the vertical on top of the horizontal to convey greater complexity and the developmental
  • A conical structure is part of the design speaking to the need for basics, like shelter, which offer a sense of permanence.
  • Ubuntu, circle of life, is present; the love that we need today, more than anything else.
  • The design represents the diversity and wealth of the peoples, culture, flora and fauna of the Country and the Continent.
  • Prosperity lies in the harmonious and balanced management of natural resources by communities which have a sense of ownership and permanence for better decisions made for future generations.

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