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Ideas & Enterprise

The Problem

An enabling environment and a clearly defined space and role for the individual within a community and the wider economic sphere are prerequisites for individual prosperity. This backdrop fosters individual dignity and a sense of responsibility. A market is the starting point for all ideas to become an income generating activity; many opportunities emerge and stabilise along the value chain to create the preconditions for all actors to get a better deal.

The Response

To create capacity for value chain actors to assume various roles, for efficiency and for profit and engagement and collaboration for sustainable quality. Facilitation is key as is appropriate financial instruments, superimposed over relevant training.

The Impact

As the value chain becomes stronger costs come down and efficiencies go up. Businesses become stronger. Strengthening value chains means diversification into value addition, processing or logistics. This stimulates the micro economy and opens it up to secondary activity, which brings sought after broadening of activities and employment creation, in other words, progress in poverty reduction.